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El Segundo community members are encouraged to submit contributions to
The El Segundo Scene. The following sections of the magazine are made up entirely of reader submissions:


Whenever we have room for it, we enjoy publishing photos submitted by community members. We've published submitted photos of local wildlife, night skies, interesting local architecture, and more. 

Have a look at our current and past issues to see what kind of photography we publish.


Please email Maureen at for more information.

Young Artists of 90245/Littlest Artists

These sections of The El Segundo Scene serve as platforms for art created by local youth.


We welcome artwork, photography, and writing created by children and young adults with a connection to the El Segundo community.

Please email Maureen at for more information.


Pitches, story ideas, recipes, and other editorial contributions welcome at

Looking for El Segundo Writes? Go here.

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