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 . . Uhm. This is the worst relationship advice ever. @AD_L #32 Jung Sung-Won wrote: Here's what I would have told them. Instead of what they wrote, I would have told them that they should really talk about the relationship if there is anything wrong with it. If not, then they should spend their time with her, knowing that it can be tricky when things like this happen to you. I wouldn't have assumed that they were jerks or something and I would have probably ignored the whole thing. Because why get into a friendship fight with the person who's ruining your experience? You should definitely tell them to just be honest about it. It may seem harsh, but it's a terrible relationship advice anyway. They should tell the guys right away to not bother with them anymore and tell them that they won't ruin their relationship. If they don't, then they're the jerks. Also, I would just block their numbers and throw away all their calls. It's not like you can really call them anyway. 2 weeks ago Report Reply Dumped Dumped guys not calling her AUGUST 6 4 days ago Have no idea what to do with this thing. SEP 16 15 days ago SEP 24 26 days ago Lover: Hey (sobbing) what do I do? Her: Well, you've just been dumped by a really shitty girlfriend and by a couple of your best friends, so I guess you could probably use a break from dating. I'm getting together with this guy from work later so we could go to dinner. I really like him a lot and I think I need a break. You don't have to do anything, just don't worry about the break and we can talk about our relationship after that. This seemed to work for her and a few days later she was back with him. SEP 25 27 days ago SEP 27 28 days ago Lover: We did



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