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For those readers interested in ordering a subscription, we now have a Friends of The Scene program available. With a paid subscription, Friends of The Scene will be personally mailed each new issue of The El Segundo Scene, directly to their homes or businesses, on the day they are printed. Out-of-state and overseas Friends of The Scene are welcome! (For overseas subscriptions, please contact us first at

Your Friends of The Scene membership is a yearly subscription (12 issues).

Friends of The Scene Membership - yearly subscription (12 issues mailed)

  • 12 months/issues of The El Segundo Scene magazine delivered to your home.


    Your Friends of The Scene membership covers shipping and handling costs and other expenses related to mailing. THANK YOU for helping to support independent, homegrown local journalism.


    Friends of The Scene is an optional program; our publication will *always* be available for free all around town and in neighboring communities.

  • Shipping is included in your Friends of The Scene Membership