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Young Voices: Introducing The Bay Eagle

Students at El Segundo High School recently revived and reimagined their school newspaper, The Bay Eagle. Student writer Samantha Lindsay shares the details.

By Samantha Lindsay

I am writing on the behalf of The Bay Eagle staff regarding the publication of our newspaper. We are the ESHS Newspaper/Journalism Club, and we publish our work through the aforementioned Bay Eagle. During these challenging times, our publication is viewable online at

The El Segundo Scene graciously offered us the opportunity for collaboration, for which we are incredibly thankful. It is an honor to work with such talented writers—in the club, and now within the Scene.

In researching this high school club’s origins, I was given the opportunity to interview both club alumni and current officers alike. The Bay Eagle, until this year, had not been publishing for quite some time. Due to budgetary constraints, the journalism program and corresponding newspaper at ESHS were eliminated nearly a decade ago. However, one student was inspired by the Washington Journalism and Media Conference in the summer of 2018, and a dream of recreating such a program at ESHS was born. After investigating the history and changes in literary programs at school, Elise Ramacciotti, the previously mentioned student, was able to recruit a group of friends to help pursue her dream—and The Bay Eagle began to take shape. Though faced with challenges to reviving this club, these students persevered. As Elise stated, “It is imperative that we have our voices heard!” This inspiration carried The Bay Eagle for the next two years, even prior to the beginnings of publication.

Upon Elise’s graduation last year, the club’s reins were passed down to current co-presidents Maddie Nichols and Kayla Schmit. In contacting them, I was able to garner a more detailed understanding of the most recent events transpiring within the club. Both leaders spoke to many of the same ideals as Elise, with student involvement being a driving force in the furthering of The Bay Eagle. Up until this point, the newspaper club had been more of a creative outlet for those involved, in which monthly prompts were answered by members but not widely publicized. Maddie and Kayla agreed that the club would be more successful if peer engagement increased; thus, new sections were added to promote diversity in writing, as well as individuality, and the club moved in a new, more interactive and functional direction.

Currently, The Bay Eagle has a team of five officers and six writers, including myself, who worked hard to produce and self-publish our first issue in December 2020. Furthermore, if all goes according to plan, there will be a second edition posted this month! The upcoming issue will kickstart our monthly online publishing schedule, utilizing the website created by Rolin Weber. We will also be contributing a piece to the Scene every month.

Our officers include the aforementioned Kayla and Maddie, along with Editor-in-Chief Rolin Weber, Managing Editor Hana Muslea, and Treasurer Evan Cray. Besides myself, the writing team includes Ava Anders, Jane Amador, Katy Durand, Samera Eusufzai, and Amelia Romero. Together, we have created a newspaper that not only showcases a multitude of different perspectives but allows for further audience participation with elements such as the Creative Corner, for which students can submit original artworks of any kind to be published on our website.

The Bay Eagle and its staff are undeniably exceptional. Their dedication and passion for the written word is inspirational, and it has been an incredible experience working with them to serve the community. I am extremely glad to have joined this community, as it has provided me a way to both communicate with and hear directly from my peers. Self-expression is vital, now more than ever with the current state of societal affairs, from the deteriorating environment to political unrest to the growing danger presented by COVID-19, and I believe The Bay Eagle is providing a wonderful opportunity to ESHS students. Readers and writers alike can find a home in The Bay Eagle; it is truly an amazing way for students to have our voices heard.

ESHS Newspaper/Journalism Club members from left to right, top to bottom: Katy Durand, writer; Rolin Weber, editor-in-chief; Samantha Lindsay, writer; Hannah Muslea, managing editor; Maddie Nichols, co-president; Kayla Schmit, co-president.

Samantha Lindsay attends ESHS and writes for The Bay Eagle.

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