Volunteer Opportunity from The Bay Foundation: “Dockwalker” Training

Julie DuBrow, communications director for The Bay Foundation, has put out a call for volunteer “dockwalkers” to train virtually, on May 9, for actual dockwalking later in the summer. Here’s her announcement:

SoCal virtual dockwalker training, May 9, 9:45am-12:45pm, free

Love the boating community? We’ll all be on the water again soon! This FREE virtual workshop trains partners or collaborators like you to become a Dockwalker. Dockwalkers conduct face-to-face boater education about environmentally sound boating practices, with free educational materials to distribute to boaters at marinas, boat launch ramps, boat shows, and special events. 

Dockwalker efforts increase boater awareness about clean and safe boating, thus improving the recreation experience in California while helping to preserve its precious wildlife habitat and water quality! Please visit The Bay Foundation to sign up and watch for any updates!

Photo from The Bay Foundation website

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