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This Saturday, March 12: "Water and Wood" Community Art Show at Resin Gallery

Guest blog post by Aidan Morgan, Indivisible Arts Development Director

Hey, readers of The Scene! If you're not familiar with Resin Gallery in Hermosa Beach, consider checking it out this Saturday evening for Indivisible Arts' biggest community art show of the year, Water and Wood.

Along with countless other live art events, the annual Water and Wood show was forced into hiatus these past two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic—but it makes its triumphant return this weekend!

Indivisible Arts' Development Director (and friend of The Scene) Aidan Morgan shares the details here...

Water and Wood is here! Resin’s longest-running Art and Photography show featuring artwork united by the theme of water and wood will premiere this Saturday night, March 12th from 5-9pm. This show features the SB Artist Collective and local, non-collective artists alike.

It’s been a crazy two years, and let’s just lean into that for a second. We’ve experienced so much—some of which we may not even have the words for yet. And those feelings sometimes, maybe even often, can be more gracefully communicated through art. Art is a fluid, timeless, universal language of the soul—and what a time it’s been to have a soul! Likely one of the most unique times in our lives. (And if that’s not the case for you, you must have some stories to tell.)

So come nourish your soul and connect with the community. Let’s celebrate the fact that we can all be in a room together again, supporting local artists and listening to live music. It’s family friendly. We’re all due for a memory-making weekend. Let’s make this show FUN! We all deserve it.

Reserve your ticket here.

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