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The Transformative Power of Art

Hi, all, from Maureen. This morning I joined my friend and TESS contributor, Jenny Gardner, for a walk down Grand to admire John Van Hamersveld's extraordinary new work on the Department of Water and Power's rusted-out old water tank that had previously blighted the south side of the avenue. And now that I've seen it, I can most definitely confirm that what was once a depressing eyesore is now a colorful, eye-popping, whimsical-yet-magnificent display of public art! Wow! Jenny and I could've stood there forever taking it all in...all the detail and symbolism and clever nods to the city in which the artist spent his youth. What a treat for those of us who regularly trek up and down Grand...and anyone else who happens to walk, jog, bike, or drive by!

I snapped a few photos, shown here...John's work is one of those pieces of art in which I know I'll spot something new every time I set eyes on it. Thank you, John Van Hamersveld, DWP, and the city of El Segundo for making this happen!

(Artwork in photos created by John Van Hamersveld; water tank owned by LADWP.)

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