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Spring Concert Announced

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

After a two-year break from performing live, the El Segundo Concert Band makes a triumphant return to the stage for its “Let Earth Ring” spring concert.

This month, the El Segundo Concert Band (ESCB) returns to the El Segundo Performing Arts Center at El Segundo High School (ESHS) for its first live, in-person performance in two years. The band is made up of talented local musicians of all ages and is led by ESCB President, Music Director, and Conductor Steven Allen Fox, who also founded the Golden State Pops Orchestra in 2002.

This month’s ESCB concert, titled “Let Earth Ring: A Concert to Celebrate Earth,” will be held on Saturday, March 19th, at 7pm. Admittance is free. The program, which celebrates Earth Day and the natural world, was originally scheduled for March 14, 2020; but, says Steven, “little did we know then, the pandemic would hit and everything would close on March 11th, forcing us to postpone—or so we thought. As things progressed, a postponement became a cancellation. We waited for the opportunity to play, and it never came. What we thought was a short reprieve from rehearsing and performing became a huge gap in our lives.” In the intervening two years, the band got together virtually and made some recordings for the listening public but was unable to meet and rehearse in person.

Fortunately, to the great delight of both the participating musicians and their fans, the time has finally come for ESCB to perform its “Let Earth Ring” concert live and in-person for the community. The thoughtfully curated selections include “Adventures of Earth” from the movie E.T., “Baba Yetu” from the video game Civilization IV, “The National Geographic Theme,” “Theme from Star Trek: First Contact,” and more.

First clarinet John Woolson, an ESHS graduate, has been a member of ESCB for 15 years and is thrilled to be rehearsing and playing in person again, along with his father and brother, also members of the band. “It’s so nice to be back in the swing of things,” he says of preparing for this concert. “The past couple of years were rough. It’s great to be picking up where we left off and rehearsing ‘Let Earth Ring’ again.” John adds that it’s interesting to him how his musical “muscle memory” came back as he reunited with his bandmates to resume rehearsing this show. He looks forward to the performance and says that it’s so nice to feel like a part of his musical community again.

“We are extremely excited to return on March 19 to the El Segundo Performing Arts Center,” adds director Steven Fox, “not only to once again perform for the public, but to bring back to life the concert that never happened. Please join us and enjoy an evening of great music and stress-free entertainment with all of us and the community. You’ve waited long enough; we would be humbled for you to be our guests.”

“Let Earth Ring: A Concert to Celebrate Earth”

El Segundo Concert Band

Saturday, March 19, 7pm

El Segundo Performing Arts Center (inside ESHS)


Photo by Kirill Lazarev from Pexels

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