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Hello readers, advertisers, and all other friends and supporters of The El Segundo Scene!

We are here to announce that The Scene is ceasing print and closing-up shop. We have loved loved loved putting the magazine together every month these past 4.5 years and were always really proud and excited to see each issue materialize in print. It has been a true joy and learning experience getting to know creative individuals, businesses, and organizations here in El Segundo and beyond, and highlighting them in the magazine.

Three of us created The Scene together nearly five years ago and have been putting issues together monthly through sickness, health, printer catastrophes, software failures, broken MacBooks, paper shortages, family demands, triumphs and tribulations ever since. We have made an excellent team and are so appreciative of each other and what we created together!

Left to right: Florence Valladares, Maureen Kingsley, Bob Jackson

We, Maureen and Florence, want to extend a special thank you to Bob Jackson, our ridiculously talented designer. Without even realizing we were going to need Bob at the start, it became obvious from day one that his skills, art, and humor were going to be an indispensable fixture of The Scene. He has been a joy to work with, and his visuals will live on in the form of our beautiful covers.

Our wider team has included our talented regular columnists and writers: Jenifer Antonelli, Heike Fallon, Roz Templin, Natalie Strong, Amber Thompson, Elliott Wright, Jenny Gardner, Anne Sikking, Donna Kahl, and the hugely creative kids at The Bay Eagle. Our editorial intern, Ima Essien, has offered her talents and ambition this year. And our tireless and eternally upbeat ad salespeople, Kelly Mularz and Brendan Gormley, have been an integral part of this operation as well. We are better people for having known and worked with each of these truly wonderful folks.

A special thank you goes to our advertisers who literally made every issue possible. Our ever-supportive local regulars included Create & Express, The Jewelry Source, El Segundo Brewing Co., Gimlen Orthodontics, Gina Hoffman, Shiela Fowler, Good Stuff, Insight Treatment Center, Hutchinson Dental, Vistamar School, Xpand Health, Accounting Breeze, Natural Simplicity, Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum, California Custom Apparel, Tom Forsythe, Create with Adriana, El Segundo Recreation & Parks, Code Ninjas, Stuft Pizza, International Garden Center, and more. They are true community players!

We also want to express our gratitude to El Segundo Public Library, the El Segundo Arts & Culture Advisory Committee, ESMoA, and South Bay Music Association. These groups were supportive of this endeavor from the very beginning.

Finally, what started as a random idea between friends turned into a brand, a best-friendship, and a solid business partnership. Our labor of love as “Mo and Flo” for The Scene brought to the fore our love of creativity, writing, entrepreneurialism, community, human connections, and affection for this city and the greater South Bay. We are deeply proud of the publication we created and the people and places we were able to represent within the pages of more than 50 print issues.

We wish you good health and relaxation for the remainder of summer. Check back here in August for a bit of extra content.

Keep in touch if you like!

Maureen: maureen.kingsley[at]

Florence: florencevalladares[at]

Bob: bobjacksondesign[at]

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