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Obsessed: Smoky Hollow Roasters

One of the city’s favorite meetup spots, Blue Butterfly Coffee Co., has opened a second location and a bean-roasting operation in Smoky Hollow.

By Jenny Gardner

Smoky Hollow Roasters interior
Smoky Hollow Roasters' comfortable interior. Photo by Kevin Neighbors.

I feel so cozy and comfortable, settled into a big leather couch next to a good friend, cradling a warm latte, surrounded by funky antiques. The new Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. location in Smoky Hollow definitely shares the original’s homey vibe, as well as its delicious drinks, but in a more open, high-ceilinged, loft-like setting (pictured above), along with a big, gleaming roasting machine (pictured below) set in one corner.

Proprietors Dale and Toni Inghram recently opened this second site for several reasons: first and foremost, to create their own roastery — called Smoky Hollow Roasters — but also to bring coffee to the underserved Smoky Hollow area and expand Blue Butterfly’s reach in the community.

“I wanted to roast coffee,” said Dale. “I know what I like, and I wanted to be able to make it myself. And I wanted it to be local.”

Focusing on El Segundo and its residents is at the core of Blue Butterfly’s mission. The Inghrams love to entertain, and they view Blue Butterfly as an extension of their home. “We welcome people there,” Toni said. “We love that everybody in town comes in, and it’s fun seeing familiar faces. The guests really become your family.” Their loyal staff also help create the friendly atmosphere that visitors so love.

A coffee-bean roaster at Smoky Hollow Roasters.
Some of the equipment used to roast beans at Smoky Hollow Roasters. Photo by Kevin Neighbors.

With the roastery, Dale and Toni can further share their love of coffee with customers. Many people have visited the new shop during the roasting process, getting the opportunity to learn about how beans become the coffee they drink.

“Being able to take them through the process of coffee increases awareness and enjoyment,” Dale said, likening the experience to visiting a winery. The Inghrams’ new site also features new, cutting-edge coffee and espresso machines to further enhance their products, both in quality and visual appeal. “That’s a big part of coffee: the experience, the ritual,” Dale continued.

The roastery is producing a variety of roasts, from single-origin specialty beans to dark roasts, as well as espresso blends and decaffeinated varieties.

Smoky Hollow Roasters coffee is currently available at both Blue Butterfly venues and at Deluca Pasta in El Segundo, and the Inghrams are looking to expand distribution in the future. They also plan to enter some roasts into competitions.

Blue Butterfly at Smoky Hollow plans to host a formal grand opening event sometime in mid January.

Smoky Hollow Roasters

118 Sierra St.

Mon.-Fri. 7am-5pm

Sat. + Sun. 8am-3pm

Jenny Gardner lives in El Segundo.

This story appeared in The El Segundo Scene's January 2019 issue.

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