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Local High School Seniors Honored by El Segundo Woman's Club

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

With one week left in ESUSD's school year, some of El Segundo's high school seniors, class of 2018, are being recognized and honored for their hard work and successes.

Photo of class of 2018 scholarship winners in El Segundo, CA
Local high school seniors awarded scholarships on June 7, 2018, at El Segundo Woman's Club

The El Segundo Woman's Club honored 19 local scholarship winners at a potluck dinner at the Clubhouse on Standard Street this past Thursday night, June 7. Woman's Club 3rd vice president Carol Cervantes says the Club has a long tradition of providing scholarships to ESHS and Arena HS seniors, and that some of these awards are funded by the sale of confetti eggs at the July 4 festivities at Rec Park. 

Children peruse confetti eggs at July 4 festivities in El Segundo, CA
Sales of confetti eggs on July 4 help fund scholarships for local high school graduates.

In the past, Carol says, the club was given out-of-date eggs from markets to use for the confetti-egg project, but that is not a practice that can continue today. Now the Club relies on members and residents of El Segundo to save their hollowed-out egg shells and donate them to the Woman's Club specifically for this purpose. Once or twice a month all year long, Woman's Club members meet and stuff the eggs with confetti, covering the holes with paper.

Carol points out the lovely truth that while the young children of El Segundo playfully smash each other with the Woman's Club confetti eggs on July 4, they may be unknowingly helping to fund their own scholarships years down the road. 

Read on for this year's scholarship recipients!  

El Segundo Woman’s Club Scholarship: $1,000.00 each Emily Maxwell Irene Lee       Colette Araque Barbara Kessener Scholarship: $1,000.00 each Jake Nichols Alec Shedlov Scholarship: $500.00 Vanessa Gonzalez Viriginia Shedlov Scholarship: $500.00 Diego Kaiser LaVon Freeze Scholarship: $500.00 each Claire Lindsey Kaitlyn Rouke Saumya Ranjan Benjamin Kooper Katrina Matthews Margaret Speed Keenan Scholarship: $500.00 each Tomas Martinez Pauline Woo

Dexter K Benson Scholarship: $1,000.00 Tyler Villalobos Kenneth Schwartz Memorial Scholarship: $500.00 each Pariss Ortega Naylia Moore Cielia Masis Francesca Farina Arena High School Scholarship: $500.00 Lucia Fiallos

Congratulations to these scholarship winners and to all graduating seniors of El Segundo!

Thank you to Carol Cervantes for helping with this story.

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