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Ghost Stories Close to Home

Stranger Things meets El Segundo in a quirky new podcast series coming this October.

By Maureen Kingsley

A spooky, dark image of the El Segundo water tower with The Gundo Ghost superimposed over it.
Episodes of "The Gundo Ghost" will drop every Saturday in October.

I’m a gigantic Halloween fan,” says Adrian Grey Marsden, a ten-year El Segundo resident who produces and edits movie trailers for a living, performs as a voice actor, has worked for Disney, and is now preparing to release a five-episode series of an original, El Segundo-based podcast called “The Gundo Ghost.”

Drawing comparisons between his spooky, funny, and professionally produced podcast series and the popular Netflix original series Stranger Things, Adrian explains that he’s taken real places and artifacts located in the city of El Segundo and built stories around them that blend surrealism, fantasy, sci-fi, and humor with outstanding sound effects and music.

Part smooth, NPR-style delivery and part War of the Worlds gravitas, the narration in Adrian’s podcast creates an authoritative yet eerie atmosphere punctuated by squawking crows, echoing footsteps, distant barking dogs, and creepy electronic music.

Despite the fear factor, however, “The Gundo Ghost” is fully family-friendly, balancing the spookier bits with some whimsical humor and name-dropping of familiar places and businesses in town.

“I was charmed by El Segundo when I moved here a decade ago,” Adrian says, “and I’d go on walks and notice interesting, unusual things,” he adds, which he’d photograph and catalogue and has since written into his “Gundo Ghost” stories for his podcast. Some of these photos as well as some video footage (perhaps manipulated, but perhaps not, suggests Adrian with a figurative wink) are posted to the podcast’s Facebook page at @TheGundoGhost.

“The Gundo Ghost” series comprises five unique episodes, each dropping on a Saturday this October, leading up to Halloween. Episodes will be available on most podcast platforms and on YouTube. A trailer is available now at YouTube and can be accessed by pointing a smartphone camera at the QR code shown here.

Any questions, ghost sightings, “portal sightings,” or general Halloween enthusiasm can be emailed to leading up to and during the run of the podcast series.

This story appears in the September 2021 issue of The El Segundo Scene.

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