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ESAA President Announces "Bucket List" 2018 People's Choice Winners

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

By Natalie Strong

The Spring 2018 "Bucket List" art show here in El Segundo included, for the first time, an opportunity for the public to vote for its favorite pieces. Thank you to those in the community who cast their ballots!

A happy congratulations to the winner of the inaugural El Segundo Art Association People's Choice Award:  Wendy Temple, for her sculpture "Ancient Waters."

Sculpture by Wendy Temple
"Ancient Waters" by Wendy Temple took first place in the People's Choice awards.

There was a tie for runner-up between "Delicate Friendship" by Erica Marshall and "Peace" by Wendy Temple.

Left to right: A young voter casts her ballot; "Delicate Friendship" by Erica Marshall; "Diorama Combining Collections" by Jan Williams; "Peace" by Wendy Temple.

Second runner-up was "Diorama Combining Collections" by Jan Williams. Thank you to everyone who voted!  We'll see you in the fall for ESAA's "Homecomings" show.

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