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El Segundo Kids To Show Art at ShockBoxx Gallery on May 5 + 6

More than a dozen local children will have their artwork displayed publicly at ShockBoxx gallery in Hermosa Beach on Saturday and Sunday, May 5 and 6, in ShockBoxx's "Cool School" exhibit.

The gallery selected artwork from young artists in eighth grade and below within the disciplines of computer art, drawing, mixed media, assemblage, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture, and two pieces (one collaborative and one individual) are the products of the following fifteen El Segundo kids:

Jaden Boudreau

Matias Boudreau

Ever Coriston

Parker Helsby

Thalia Inga

August Liebeskind

Olivia Liebeskind

Beau Osher

Liam Osher

Aviva Relles

Emma Relles

Ethan Relles

Elliott Strong Margot Strong Zoe Thompson

Thalia Inga submitted and will be exhibiting the following artwork:

Thalia says of her piece, "This is an abstract painting. I first was going to call it 'Energetic,' but then I decided to call it 'Feelings,' because all the colors represent a lot of different emotions I feel in my brain and in my heart."

The 14 other artists, all students of El Segundo artist and art teacher Natalie Strong, collaborated on a piece made up of envelopes of various shapes, sizes and colors, inspired by the work of Camilla Engman. It is titled "Good Childhood" and is pictured here:

Congratulations to these 15 young artists; we wish them a happy show at ShockBoxx!





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