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A Sidewalk Harvest

Observant resident Steven Strom encourages those who spend time in El Segundo to check out what's growing at 320 West Mariposa Avenue.

A small urban garden planted along a residential street in El Segundo features two large pumpkins alongside several tall sunflowers
Healthy, huge pumpkins ready for harvesting on West Mariposa Avenue share space with towering sunflowers. Photo by Steven Strom

As summer winds down and autumn creeps in, a colorful bounty of produce and flowers has sprouted on a small piece of land in El Segundo a few blocks west of Main Street. Located along West Mariposa Avenue across from the Richmond Street School field, the narrow strip of soil abuts the sidewalk and the curb and boasts bright orange, very large pumpkins nestled among lush, well-maintained landscaping.

Noted by resident Steven Strom, who snapped a quick photo and submitted it to us here at The Scene, the cheery and chubby orange pumpkins are shaded by tall, bright-green-and-yellow sunflowers, which have grown alongside the pumpkins for several weeks.

"It's a little slice of country in our very own El Segundo," Steven says of this thriving little patch of agriculture right here in town. He encourages his fellow residents to check out the miniature pumpkin patch themselves, on foot or on wheels.

Whoever has grown the pumpkins and sunflowers has done a wonderful job, he adds.

We at The Scene agree!

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