3 Pro Tips for This Week's El Segundo Art Walk

Summer is flying by at an alarming rate (am I right, fellow parents?), and we are now just two days from El Segundo Art Walk #2, scheduled for this Thursday night, 5-9pm. Flo and I have a few pro tips to share regarding this Thursday's walk...read on!

El Segundo Art Walk
The El Segundo Scene's publisher, Florence, at ArtWalk #1

Pro Tip #1: Participate in artist Natalie Strong's interactive art exhibit at El Segundo Public Library. Natalie, who frequently writes for The El Segundo Scene, will be showcasing 30 new portraits and is inviting the public to physically comment on them with Sharpie markers. That's right: we are all invited to write on her work! After ArtWalk is over, the artworks---including all handwritten Sharpie comments---will be shared on social media as completed pieces. Go to @constantalchemy on Instagram and look for the #commentsirl hashtag to see the result of this fun artistic experiment!

image of painting by Natalie Strong
Artist Natalie Strong wants you to write all over her artwork!

Pro Tip #2: Take your kids to Holly Socrates' children's art workshops, snacks, and a movie on ArtWalk night, then stroll the ArtWalk unencumbered while your kids have a blast making things and socializing with other kids in a safe setting. Holly will have crafting and art activities for the littles on her back patio, plus munchies and a showing of Minions. A win-win for all! Space is limited; register in advance.

popcorn at movie night
Art workshops, popcorn, pizza, and a movie for the kids at Holly Socrates

Pro Tip #3: Be sure to stop by Kreative Kontrol FX in Smoky Hollow for some jaw-dropping exhibits of top-quality, freakishly realistic Hollywood special-effects makeup and prosthetics. Talented owner and artist Kris Kobzina, an El Segundo resident, dad, and all-around nice guy, will wow you with his fake blood, prosthetic body parts, and horrifying creatures. Ask him about his movie and TV work, as well as his special-fx makeup workshops. (He even taught his daughter's Girl Scout troop the basics of fake blood and gore!)

Kreative Kontrol FX in Smoky Hollow specializes in fake blood, gore, corpses, mummies, organs, and more, plus prosthetic body parts and special-effects makeup for movies and television.

See you Thursday night at ArtWalk #2!

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